Catnip Herb and Oil

Catnip Herb and Oil (Nepeta Cataria): Dried Catnip herb is used primarily in the pet toy industry, but is also used in herbal teas. Catnip Oil is used both in the pet toy industry, but also as a component in a natural insect repellant. The most important component of effective Catnip is the Nepetalactone content of the essential oil produced by the plant. This is the naturally occurring drug that attracts and stimulates cats. We are able to produce Catnip with a Nepetalactone content in the oil of between 78-80%, some of the highest commercially available in the world. We grow our own Catnip for both the oil and dry herb market. The oil is extracted using steam distillation. The herb is sun-dried, sifted and packaged in our 22,000 square foot processing facility. We produce and sell our Catnip oil and herb under production contracts.

Minimum Order Quantity: 200 lbs for Catnip oil; 10,000 lbs for Catnip herb, subject to availability.

Crop Conditions

Our 2020 Catnip Crop is looking great!  The Catnip emerged earlier than normal this year and is growing quickly. 

Minimum Order Quantity

2500 lbs

How to Order

All of the following products are grown, packaged and processed directly by LTAC. Please contact us for prices and availability. All Procucts sold in bulk quantities only!