Dillweed Oil

Dill Weed Oil (Anethum Graveolens): Dill Weed Oil is the oil extracted from the stem, leaf and seed of the Dill plant. Its primary use is in flavoring for pickles, but is also used in various other food flavorings, as well as soaps, perfumes, creams, and detergents. LTAC grows, distills, and blends Dill Weed Oil to customer specifications.

Minimum Order Quantity: 400 lbs, subject to availability.

Crop Conditions

Our 2019 Dillweed Oil crop is in the ground. Cool weather to this date has prevented it from emerging, but it should start to show up above ground over the next couple of weeks.

Minimum Order Quantity

2500 lbs

How to Order

All of the following products are grown, packaged and processed directly by LTAC. Please contact us for prices and availability. All Procucts sold in bulk quantities only!