Spearmint Oil

Scotch Spearmint Oil (Mentha Cardiaca) : Commonly believed to have been imported to North America from Scotland, hence its name. Most notably used in mint candies, tooth paste, and chewing gum. LTAC extracts Scotch Spearmint through a process of steam distillation. LTAC grows, distills and sells Scotch Spearmint under production contract.

Minimum Order Quantity: 400 lbs, subject to availability.

Crop Conditions

Our 2020 Spearmint crop is a little behind schedule due to a late spring, but is growing quickly and looking (and smelling) beautiful. 

Minimum Order Quantity

2500 lbs

How to Order

All of the following products are grown, packaged and processed directly by LTAC. Please contact us for prices and availability. All Procucts sold in bulk quantities only!